External Pipe Hydraulic Clamp

Nik-San Enterprises is a manufacturer and supplier of External Hydraulic Clamps.We are providing to our clients with a full specified range of hydraulic Clamps at most competitive prices. It is mostly applicable for the size of pipes 16” to 80” pipe fitting operations.

We are offering a variety of cage type pipe clamps with hydraulically functioned for our client’s projects in various sizes of pipes 16” to 80”.


  1. Large tightening force. (unbreakable)
  2. Only workable for one single size pipe.
  3. High efficiency.
  4. All hydraulic no-tack Clamps have an arched crossbar design that allows 360- degree continuous welding without clamp removal.
  5. The hydraulic system operated with a hand pump; no electricity/fuel required.
  6. Accurately aligns in minutes.

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